Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Recuperation - Mind and Body

      It will be three weeks today since my surgery.  I've been instructed to "take it easy", don't lift over 10-15 pounds, and avoid steps.  Sounds easy but not so, not when you work full time and usually don't have time to get the things on the "to-do" list done.  But this has been my perfect opportunity to just laze around without guilt.  Guilt-free napping, sometimes twice a day.  Sleeping in late.  Not lifting heavy items.  Not feeling anxiety every time I see the Eliptical or drive past the YMCA, which is right down the street from my house.
     Yesterday I took some pictures of what I've been doing while spending time at my weekend getaway, the Cabin.
     I've placed this hammock under the sycamore tree where I get dappled shade and nap, usually with at least one dog surrounding me.

     This is the view looking up.

Below is the view looking out into friend Melissa's pasture.  I could sit for hours and watch the horses.

Now it's time to SIT at Courtois Creek.  Once we settled in with our chairs at the creek, hardly a word was spoken for almost an hour.  Melissa, her mother, who is now 87 and sharp as a tack, and I, just SAT and listened to sounds of nature.
This "Bird Head" rock was next to my chair.

When I moved my chair, I found this "Unhappy Ghost" rock.

There is a double recuperation going on here at the cabin this week.  A stray lab mix found me.  The vet visit yesterday revealed an eye infection, infection in the mouth from a laceration, and of course, malnourishment.  But NO HEARTWORM.  He's being treated with antiboitics.  At the moment, there are four labs here, my two, Carl and Hershey, the neighbor's yellow lab, and our stray Frank.  It's crazy at feeding time.
Here is a picture of Frank.  I've already found him a home, which he'll go to after his health improves.

He fits right in.
I'm not the only one lazing around this week.

My mind is finally slowing down and feeling peaceful.  No schedule besides doctor appointments.  No rushing. 

While sitting quietly in nature I noticed events I'd never notice in my typical hurried life, such as while sitting outside on the deck several crows came swooping in squacking and circling my house.  It was then I noticed all the dragonflies that they were hunting and eating.  It's those "little" things I find interesting.

So while physically recuperating, I'm certainly mentally recuperating.  Didn't realize how strung out I really was.  This has been a good lesson for me.

AND FRIENDS.  I've got great friends calling me, dining me, feeding me cookies an pies and casseroles.  I've got some great friends.

It's been a happy recuperation.