Sunday, February 27, 2011

Huzzah Valley Breakfast

     I love my weekends.  Rob and I and Carl & Hershey (the labs) went to the Cabin this weekend.   We were invited to dine with our good friends, Phil and Melissa, at their Ozark retreat.  After a delicious Mexican dinner and a few beers, we built a roaring fire.  I decided to warm my tootsies.

Beautiful Fire

Phil was feeling Funky, so we pushed the furniture out and he broke into a break dance.  Keep in mind, we're all in our fifties.

Another shot of Phil.

Looked fun to me, so I thought I'd give it a shot.  Look at Rick sitting in that chair staring into space.  He's so tired from working outside all day.  He looks comatose.

Whoops.  Forgot I have a bad foot, heel spur/plantar fascitis.  Landed hard on my bad foot and something inside snapped like a rubberband.  Iced my foot down the rest of the evening.  Could barely walk.
But being the gracious hostess that I am, Phil and Melissa were invited to our place for a Huzzah Valley Breakfast at 10:00 a.m.

Breakfast served on the little kitchen island.  Jim Shore bowl.

How doesn't like sausage and pancakes?  Good ole Aunt Jemima.  You can't beat it.

This is where all the action happens.  The double burner griddle makes preparing large meals quick and easy.  It has a non stick surface.   Great things can happen even in a humble kitchen.

The Jim Shore plates Ipurchased at TJ Maxx came in three different scenes.  These plates are large and heavy.

The whimsical rooster was given to me by Melissa as a housewarming when we first purchased the Cabin.

I pulled some silk flowers out of an arrangement and placed them in glass soda bottles.

Melisssa and I planned on trail riding after breakfast.  Even had a new pair of lined oilskin chaps to try out.

But sine the Break Dancing incident, my foot hurt like a son-of-a-gun, and thought I'd better not ride.
Did I say gun?  We have a shooting range out back of the house, so we all decided to try out Rob's new  22 and bench.




and myself, Linda



Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Good Morning Lady Bug

     Been feeling a little low the past couple days, so this is a last-minute tablescape.  It's cheerful and willl be a welcome good morning for my breakfast tomorrow morning.
     This is the first time I've used my ladybug plates, purchased from Pier 1.  It worked out ok, but could use some tweaking.

I'll probably have for breakfast an English Muffin with butter and a cup of oatmeal with blackberries and almonds and a little honey.

A friend gave me the lovely cup and saucer as a gift.  The white/red icecream bowl was also a gift.  My friends know I have a love/addiction (well, ok, a sickness - I admit it) for pretty and functional dishes.

My husband now even uses the term "tablescape".    "Got a new tablescape?"

Wow, this centerpiece looks giant in this picture.  Actually, it is a giant centerpiece, but the only red one I could find.  That could use some tweaking.   Wow.  Out of proportion, I'd say.

I just purchased a new set of glasses at Dillards.  The set came in four colors.  The red is beautiful but the picture doesn't do it justice.   It has a luminous, sort of a mother-of-pearl look to it.

The sherbert dish works well holding the creamer and sweetners.

This salt and pepper set is darling - Lecreuset.  I also have a red set.

During a trip in England several years ago I purchased six of these pitchers, each with a different scene and shape.

I'm going to keep an eye out for complimentary pieces to my ladybugs.  I feel like I didn't quite get the look together this time.

It's time for this tired one to go to bed.  Yawnnnnn

Good Day and Good Night All.


Saturday, February 12, 2011

SorryScape Valentine

     I really messed up this time.  Husband surprised me with two concert tickets to see Brian McKnight, 3rd row seats for tonight.  He knows I'm a huge R&B fan, and what's more sexy hot R&B than Brian McKnight?  OKAY, I LOST THE TICKETS!  After several phone calls and a trip to the venue the club determined they would not replace our lost tickets.  So I'm slightly *)&%#%&  irritated and disappointed.
So what else could I do?  A tablescape.

     I found these plates at HomeGoods this winter and bought four of them, knowing I'd find plenty to coordinate with them.  I thought they'd be nice for Valentines Day.

Used my Spode Archive Collection - British Flowers-Rose plate as a chager. Maybe it was intended to be used as a charger.  I don't know.

The tablecloth I purchased several years ago at an April Cornell store that was located at the Galleria in St. Louis., MO.  The store is no longer there.  Fond memories.  I bought my daughter who was maybe six years old then dresses with matching hats.  So adorable.  Beautiful clothes then.  That was 13 years ago.  She's now 19 and almost 6 foot tall.  A striking beauty.

Added a little purple dish topped with very old glassware.

These green glasses are so pretty.

I'm loving these mercury glass candle holders.

I've got some FINE wine here.  Maybe drinking it will make me feel better  . . . . . then again, maybe it will make me sick.

Where is the food?

I should be primping right now, getting ready for the concert, putting on some sexy outfit, and ready to have a good time with my husband.  But oh no, someone lost the tickets!
URRGGG,  WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  Where is that bottle opener!