Saturday, June 30, 2012

Pack Drive Ride

     A few weeks ago I decided to chronicle the procees I go through some days to ride my Horse Dolly, which is stabled most of the time at a friend's home, which is about three miles from my house.  My family's weekend home and her family's home are located in the Mark Twain Forest in Stelleville, Mo.
     I like to take the scenic route, which is the trail behind my house, down the forest service road, down the blacktop a short way, down the gravel road two miles to her gate, River Oaks Ranch.

     So here goes "The Process".    One needs plenty of hydration during a hot ride.  Sometimes we have a little dehydration before the rehydration.

     Go through the tack room and try hard to not forget anything and load it into the Kawasaki Mule.

     This Mule is a BEAST!  It will take me anywhere I need to go.

     Drive past my house.

       Pass the old barn/cabin.

     Cross the creek over the old wooden bridge.

     Onto the trail.  My trail signs are named after horses we've owned and loved.  A good friend's daughter made them for me.

     Pass the Wagon Trail.  An old wagon trail runs through my property. 

     Down the Forest Service Road.  No problem.  I can get around that log.

     Now a short trip down the blacktop road. 

     Turn at the gravel road, Lower Narrows, to River Oaks Ranch.

     Fetch Dolly.  Yes, she's looking good.  See those Amber eyes?

Finally, I'm on the horse.

     Hooked up with riding buddies and we rode back to my house, via Ozark Trail. 

      Now, it's nap time.



  1. Take care pretty and lovely cow girl, I worry you living so close to that old bridge! You know what happens around there, lol!!! Great looking horse buddies, you all look like you should be by the sea instead by the mountains, hahahaaa I love your gorgeous horse with that beautiful blond color and ambar eyes..and you pal, look gorgeous! So nice to hear f4rom you! Lots of hugs,

  2. Hi Linda, My husband has been wanting a mule too! Especially a double seater! I love your cabin in the Ozark's and putting up those signs really add a special touch! I'm a new follower! P.S. Dolly is beautiful!

  3. What a nice way to capture the path :-)

  4. Your horse is beautiful. I have NEVER been on a horse!!! Can you believe that? Thanks so much for stopping by my blog. XO, pinky

  5. It's nice that you have signs to commemorate your horses. You obviously care for them a great deal. They are such beautiful animals.

  6. Definitely takes a bit of effort to get to Dolly, but it sure looks worth it!

    - The Tablescaper

  7. What a wonderful day. Oh what fun. Ginger