Sunday, January 30, 2011

Escape to Poland

     Finally, I've figured out how to scape with my new dishes, pottery from Poland.   I spotted my first piece of Polish Pottery at -- where else -- Home Goods.  I bought two of those covered soup bowls, leaving two behind.  Of course, upon arriving home I knew I'd made a mistake by not purchasing all four, and it wasn't until two weeks later that I was able to make another trip to Home Goods.  Lucky me they still had two left.  So there my search of the Polish Pottery began.

On a shopping extravaganza a couple of weeks ago, I spotted this table runner at Pier 1.  Perfect paired up with my Polish Pottery.

Did I mention I love the color blue and birds?

I gathered blue items and birds from around the house, closets.

The decorated buffet add the extra "bling".

I have seen other pieces at HG, TJ and Marshalls, and am at the moment having buyer's remores, should have bought them but was evidentally practicing restraint that day. MISTAKE!

These bowls with lids work well with side dishes, oats, reheating in the microwave (keeps from splattering), soups and pasta.

This is a recent purchase of a painting of . . . . . what else . . . . a Tablescape.  I hung it in the dining room.
Yeah, I need therapy.

The blues and white of this table is so refreshing and happy.  Now, if I could find someone around here that would cook . . . . .



  1. Love the blues. Glad you went back to get those covered bowls, they're adorable. Where do you store all these dishes when you're not 'scaping with them?

  2. The Polish pottery is both colorful and fun. I like the mix of the patterns and the wonderful details on the textile. And that painting is fabulous! It look perfect hanging on the yellow walls. ~ Sarah

  3. Love your polish pottery. I think Christine did a table scape with some this week too. Christine's Travel and Adventure blog.. Your covered tureens are soo perfect. I love your table. Good luck on the collection.

  4. Ooh, if you haven't seen Christine's post this week, you must check it out! She's also into the beautiful Polish pottery! Your growing collection looks great on the table -- I adore those covered individual dishes!

  5. Oh that runner is perfect with your polish pottery. What a great picture to compliment your tablescape.

  6. Wow, you sure chose the perfect runner for those gorgeous lidded soup bowls.
    Have a great weekend, Linda.

  7. Blogging IS therapy! Welcome to our weekly group session. Your Polish pottery is wonderful, and I think the restraint that you show is that you don't come home with a full service in one shopping expedition. Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay