Saturday, February 12, 2011

SorryScape Valentine

     I really messed up this time.  Husband surprised me with two concert tickets to see Brian McKnight, 3rd row seats for tonight.  He knows I'm a huge R&B fan, and what's more sexy hot R&B than Brian McKnight?  OKAY, I LOST THE TICKETS!  After several phone calls and a trip to the venue the club determined they would not replace our lost tickets.  So I'm slightly *)&%#%&  irritated and disappointed.
So what else could I do?  A tablescape.

     I found these plates at HomeGoods this winter and bought four of them, knowing I'd find plenty to coordinate with them.  I thought they'd be nice for Valentines Day.

Used my Spode Archive Collection - British Flowers-Rose plate as a chager. Maybe it was intended to be used as a charger.  I don't know.

The tablecloth I purchased several years ago at an April Cornell store that was located at the Galleria in St. Louis., MO.  The store is no longer there.  Fond memories.  I bought my daughter who was maybe six years old then dresses with matching hats.  So adorable.  Beautiful clothes then.  That was 13 years ago.  She's now 19 and almost 6 foot tall.  A striking beauty.

Added a little purple dish topped with very old glassware.

These green glasses are so pretty.

I'm loving these mercury glass candle holders.

I've got some FINE wine here.  Maybe drinking it will make me feel better  . . . . . then again, maybe it will make me sick.

Where is the food?

I should be primping right now, getting ready for the concert, putting on some sexy outfit, and ready to have a good time with my husband.  But oh no, someone lost the tickets!
URRGGG,  WAAAAAAHHHHHHH!  Where is that bottle opener!



  1. Linda, sorry you lost the will find them someday...when you least expect it.
    Beautiful table for two. The china is gorgeous, as are the green water glasses.
    Happy Valentine's Day!

  2. Yea, that's baloney that they wouldn't be able to replace them.

    But your table is lovely. Waiting to see the new glasses you bought Friday.

  3. Sorry about your tickets...but I have lost restaurant gift cert. before...bummer!!!
    Your table is beautiful!!
    Have a beautiful day!!!

  4. I'm so sorry your evening was ruined. Your table is gorgeous though. Hope the rest of the evening went better once you were able to mellow a

  5. Pretty dishes, good wine -- hope the husband was cool about it. Probably the wine helped?

  6. Ever find the tickets? Your table is absolutely lovely. I love your dishes, oh my they make me giddy. Your glasses are perfect in this setting. Congrats on a very lovely table.

  7. I had sooo much fun looking through your great blog! First of all, Your pic with the horse is right out of a cow boy movie! Your look amazing! goes: 1) I'm in love with your Jean Shore scenery plates, they're gorgeous! 2) The cow skin chair is fantastic, I have one with a cheeta skin, I love it too. 3) Your vintage Spode plates and the others are stunning! So elegant! 4) I'd love to go to your ranch and have bearkfast with you and yours! Thank you for sharing all your lovelies, I really enjoyed it so. Come and visit my latest post with mom's vintage'll like it.
    Have a fantastic weekend riding your horse maybe?