Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Art of Sitting

     Recently I read a little article referencing "The Art of Sitting".  Being an anxious, easily bored and distracted person, I have always found it difficult to "just sit" and relax and enjoy my surroundings.  My endeavor is now to learn to "just sit" and enjoy the act of just sitting.

     To feel relaxed while sitting, I, like most people, like to prop my feet up on something, or else I'm not comfortable.  Sadly, though, this table is rough on the ankles.  I am on the lookout for an x-large ottoman, preferrably in cows hide.

     The weekend at the Cabin gave me the opportunity to perfect the art of sitting.  It was my goal to sit and enjoy the act of sitting.

     My good friend, Mary, accepted my invitation to sit with me this weekend at the cabin.  She was all over that idea after working a 12-hour shift at Children's Hospital in the NICU, plus driving an hour and a half to the Cabin.  As soon as she came in she hit the shower, put on her new PJ's, and sat in the big brown chair.  I had a frosty glass of cold beer ready for her.  She seemed to enjoy sitting and drinking it and winding down.

Sometimes a sit turns into a laydown, if you're not careful.

While chatting on the phone, I like to sit in the chair next to the phone.


Here I am sitting the the most uncomfortabel chair that I own.  But it's cool, isn't it?

All this sitting is wearing me out.   It's time to go to bed.  I have a day full of sitting to look forward to.

The next morning, we decided to sit and drink coffee at the barn, enjoying the morning and the view and the birds and woodsy noises.    It was so relaxing and joyful that we sat till 11:30 a.m.

Then I had this great idea, hey, let's go sit somewhere else.  We finally got dressed and took a drive to the Meramac Springs State Park in Missouri.  We found a great place to sit.

"Sitting Pretty"

My hat looks fab on you, Mary.

Sitting Friday evening and all morning and afternoon Saturday left me with a relaxed, peaceful feeling.  I needed the time to just sit and enjoy my surroundings, the sites and the sounds and the calmness that I so rarely feel.  Thanks Mary, for the weekend of sitting.


  1. My kind of weekend! Good post, Linda--made me laugh. And nice pedicure, too.
    Sandy Hoskins

  2. Wonderful weekend!

    We need a little trip over to Meramac Springs. It's been awhile.

  3. What great fun you had...sitting a lot!! I love to do nothing too, just sit! I love this girls pijama party, I enjoy it so much! Sorry I didn't see this great post before, it was probably when I was away from home. I miss you Linda, what are you up to?? Have a a great weekend. Lots of hugs. FABBY