Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Cabin Fever

     When I can, I escape, along with friends and family, to my weekend getaway, a log house in the Huzzah Valley in Missouri.  We lounge, eat fabulous meals together, ride horses, sit by the river, kayak or canoe the Huzzah or Courtois, and sit by campfires.  We laugh lots.  Our meals are fabulous.  I like to cook a nice hot breakfast for my friends, usually consisting of French Toast topped with fresh berries, real maple syrup, real butter and nuts.  There is always bacon or sausage, usually both, and fried eggs.  Hot coffee is a must.  When it's nice out we dine on the front porch.
     Many memories were made at this simple log house at the edge of the Mark Twain Forest.  My friends are special to me.  We share our deep dark secrets and console each other, listen intently, and treasure each other's friendship.
     Being outdoors rejuvinates the soul.  It makes you breath, really breath.  And the horses, I can't say enough about them.  It's our common thread.  We love our horses.  We ride the Ozark Trail all throughout Missouri.    We ride hard and long.  We ride fast.  Our gaited horses have taken us places where I'd never have the gumption to walk. 
     This is the life, the GOOD LIFE.


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  1. Hi Linda..

    It's just lil' ol' me again! Just had to leave you another note after reading this post. I was just mentioning my sister who lives in Texas in your last post. Ohhh my...she also ia a horse woman! You remind me so much of her...her name is Rhonda! I loved all of your photos...your getaway cabin looks like THE LIFE!!! I'm so envious! Hehe! I love horses but I'm a terrible rider. I think I've been thrown off nearly every time I've ridden! Told you I wasn't much of a rider...but they are such beautiful creatures!!!

    Loved this post, Linda!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design