Wednesday, December 1, 2010

My Cabin

     Decorating is an ever-evolving event for me.  I'm constantly changing things around, furniture, lamps, you name it.  After spending a day inside, I decided to take some pictures.  Wonder what will change next year?

We have loads of firewood on the property, and a constant supply of dried out branches to use for campfires

 Sit down and enjoy some wine.

This is where we dine.  This kitchen set is dark cherry wood, which I had tired of, so I stained it navy blue and rubbed the edges and distressed it. The slipcovers I redid.  Easy project.

 Kitchen decor.   Lots of roosters.

 This is a cheap old corner cabinet I bought at a yard sale and stained blue.  The decor inside the cabinet was purchased in Cancun, Mexico.

Coat hook by the side door.

Top of dining cabinet, painted the same blue stain.

We added a wrap-around porch to the house.  Great place to eat and lounge.  The bugs in Missouri are awful, especially the knats.  The fans create a wonderful breeze.  Still trying to furnish this porch.  It's massive.

I'm constantly changing tabletops.   Can't leave well enough alone.

We get pretty dirty, as you can see from the boots. 

Dogs getting plenty of fresh air and exercise!  haha!

Entry from the front porch.

Old stone and wood bridge.  We have a spring-fed creek that runs in front of the house.  This old bridge is in sad shape, but hanging in there for now.

I love my cabin.

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  1. Hi Linda...

    Ohhh my goodness...your cabin is awesome, my friend! It would be like a "dream come true" for me to have a place like this! I love how you have decorated everything! My sister lives in the hill country in Texas in a cabin. She also did a blue stain in here kitchen...all the cabinets and it looks awesome! Wow...the great outdoors...looks just like a place that I would love to spend some time at!!! Sooo awesome!!!

    Warmest wishes,
    Chari @Happy To Design