Sunday, March 13, 2011

Dining With Fitz & Floyd

Whoaa!  What's that shining yellow ball in the sky?  The Sun?  Haven't seen it in a while.  Good day to clean the screen porch.     
Now that I've spent hours cleaning the porch, I thought I'd better do a tablescape before it gets dirty again.  And that can happen QUICKLY. 

I only have a few Fitz & Floyd pieces.  I love their designs, but don't love how easily they chip.

A few shots of the porch.  The porch entry is from the kitchen/heart room, and also enters into the guest bedroom.

Looking into the guest bedroom from the porch.

Window to guest bathroom.

LOVE the sound of chimes.

There wasn't much space on this small table, so I placed the napkins on the back of the chair.

Dinner plate and wooden charger.

Topped with salad plate.  See what I mean about the chipping?

Lucky me.  Looked who showed up.  TEQUILA ROSE.  She can grace my table anytime!

The wine glasses are stunning.  They have a blue/green luminiscent, bordered in gold, purchased at Home Goods a couple years ago.  I only have two.  I don't hesitate buying one, two, or three of something I love.  I rarely need more than four of any dish.  Plus, when you're a dishaholic, there is not enough room for eight of everything.  I'd like to know where the rule of eight came from.  Most likely from someone who owns only one set of dishes.

So, I guess this means I need to cook.  Sighhhhhh. 

Two more pictures I just found while scrolling through my albums.  It was taken on a break during a ride at Sam Baker Park in Missouri. 

Linda and Lucy

Wish everyone could have this much fun!

And those pictures remind me of my dogs, having fun at the cabin.



  1. Linda, those plates are beautiful...what a bummer they chip so easily. I love the stemware, great color.
    I don't know who made the rule of 8, is only 4 for me!
    Have a great week.

  2. Since most of the time it is just the hub and me, I will buy only two of dishes/glasses.I had a wonderful screen porch at my last house, but only a deck now. How I miss that porch-Mississippi mosquitoes you know!I love the dogs!

  3. There's nothing like a screen porch for enjoying the outdoors and avoiding the mosquitoes! Your sleeping dogs and people crack me up! And no matter how many dishes I buy, I usually wish I had more--6 instead of 4, or 4 instead of 2, when company comes! Nice guest room!!! Linda

  4. The plates are fabulous!

    Your black dog reminds me of Molly. Cozy and comfy for sure!:-)

  5. Your porch is awesome! I, too, love Fitz & Floyd, yours is very pretty! I agree with you, those stems are stunning. Cozy and lovely setting for two!!

  6. Love the dishes, so beautiful and elegant. I am your newest follower. Hope to see more tablescapes!

  7. Beautiful table! The plates are really pretty!

  8. Hi my friend...yous post is gorgeous. I love your plates! The goblets are beautiful and your house is so charming and fun...boy! wish I was having that much fun at your house!
    Happy St. Pat's

  9. What a welcoming home you have. Love all the pictures of "nappers"! I've been able to do a quick fix on some chippy dishes with colored fingernail come in so many colors now and doesn't wash off -- you might give it a try.

  10. You are so funny. Loved all the pics and I'm sure glad I was reading what you wrote because it looked like everyone had too much Tequila