Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Mi Hermosa Hija

Mi Hermosa Hija - My Beautiful Daughter.

     Today I called my daughter, 19, and asked her to meet me for lunch.  She said "How about dinner?"  "Ok.  Come by at 5:30."   I arrived home at 5:10.   So at 5:15 this is what I put together.  Even surprised myself at how fast it came together, about 10 minutes.  She brought her good buddy, Jake, along with her.  Wish I'd gotten a picture of him.
     I wanted to make low-cal fajuitas, so I brought out my Mexican-inspired dishware.

Plates, placemats, tortilla dish, salad bowl  and glassware purchased at Dillards.

Bowls to fill with corn & beans, mixed peppers and onions, and roasted chicken pieces.  Purchasd at Kohls.

BING BONG!  (Helen, that one is for you)   I found two red salad bowls.

Shopping the house to see what I can find . . . . perfect.

Didn't know where to place the appetizer spreader knife, so I tucked it right into the napkin ring.

This vase of flowers was already on the bar.  How perfect is that?

While rushing through Dierbergs I came upon the sample platter of their Apricot Feta Spread Torte.  Irresistable.  Smart marketing techinique.  5:00.  Hungry.  SOLD!

Best of all was visiting my busy daughter and her good friend Jake.  The meal was fast and easy - Big salad and chicken faquitas.  And too much apricot feta cheese torte. 



  1. This is so colorful and inviting ... love to do things with not much planning ... always seems to be more fun! Thanks for sharing.

  2. I love your last minute preparations! So relaxed & easy and colorful too. Your daughter is a beauty!

  3. How vibrant, Linda...can't wait to see your Cinco de Mayo table! Gorgeous is your daughter.

  4. Hola! I'm your newest follower and for sure: Tu hija es hermosa! I love your Mexican dishes, just great! I'm an Ecuadorian American, from Astoria-Queens... who lives in Ecuador since married to my wonderful hobby. I would love you to visit me and see OUR Ecua. dishes on my post Thanksgiving 2010.
    Your food looks deli! I love the fun invites, without much work and plan!
    Have a wonderful weekend.

  5. What a fun and vibrant table. I love your Mexican inspired dishes.

  6. A warm and welcoming palate...perfect for your Mexican fiesta. Your daughter is gorgeous! Thank you for sharing your charming design. Cherry Kay