Sunday, March 27, 2011

Vietnamese Dinner For 20

     Fortunately for me, my good friend Melissa belongs to a dinner club and it was her turn to host.  The theme was Vietnamese foods.  Knowing there would be a lovely table, interesting food and colorful guests, it gave me a grand opportunity to use her party in my blog.

                        Picture of hostess Melissa (on the right) and good friend Cindy on the left.

Host Phil and guest

Thelma, Melissa's mother, a lovely heart and soul.  Thelma introduced me to the joy of owning several sets of dishes with no shame!

Dining for 20

How pretty is that oriental screen and forsythia?

These spoons were purchased by Thelma's father while he served in the Navy.  The spoons date back to approx. 1910.  They are hand-made of silver.  Special memories and beautifully handcrafted.

Yep - Her hair is purple.

Beautiful tables, exquisite food and good friends.  What could be better?



  1. Yes, you said it all. It looks like a
    grand party, wish I had been invited! exquisite table settings, stunning dishes and glassware. The food looks wonderful and the guests look so happy and having a blast! Thanks for sharing, it made me very happy to see it all.

  2. Oh, I forgot....the littles spoons are gorgeous and precious, a little jewel!

  3. What a fun party, and the food looks marvelous, too. I adore all of her china and the lovely home. Thanks for sharing.


    Sheila :-)

  4. What a wonderful party! Thanks for sharing it with us.

  5. Stunning selection of serving pieces. I really enjoyed seeing this table.

  6. Great looking party! The table is beautiful...I have two bowls in that pattern that I use for my breakfast cereal each morning...I have always wished I bought the plates, too.