Monday, April 4, 2011

Tears, Trails & Tablescapes

     Saturday was a special day.  The Ozark Trail Association held a special memorial for founder John Roth, who passed away July 2009.  We had a sculpture with plaque set in a foundation on the Middle Fork Section of trail to honor his memory.  He was a special man and is missed by so many friends and family.
To find out more information about the Ozark Trail, visit

Melissa and I trailored our horses to the event so we could take advantage of the beautiful spring day riding on the Middle Fork Section of the Ozark Trail.  I left my camera in the truck, so I didn't get any pictures.

Sunday was yet another beautiful day, so after enjoying a pancake and sauage breakfast with her and her husband, we took another trail ride, this time on the Courtois Section of the Ozark Trail, which is a four mile section which runs behind my house and meets the gate at her house.

The Ozark Trail Association is comprised of volunteers who have hand built and maintain the Ozark Trail.  I helped build this 4 mile section.  Awesome scenery.  Myself, Rick and Melissa have adopted this section and are charged with maintaining it.

Me & Dolly.

Melissa & Savannah

Me and pretty Dolly

Waterfall which only runs after much rain and snow melt.  How lucky am I to have this trail and scenery  behind my cabin?

Dinner for 6 on my screen porch.  Myself & Rob, Melissa & Phil, their daughter Julia and her friend from college had a dinner of filet mignon, asparagus with sesame & sesame oil, salad, cheese tortillini and bread.
It was beautiful out and we could hear the creek in front of the house babbling.
Yeah, I know the floor needs scrubbed.  It was a tough choice, scrub floor or ride.

I searched the cabin for a centerpiece and couldn't come up with a thing.  Thank you Spring.  I looked out the window and by the creek were some lovely daffodils blooming.  Perfect.

The flowers made their way onto my kitchen windowsill after dinner.
  My reflection can be seen in the window.  Scary.

We had an eventful exhilierating weekend.  We are blessed to have this wonderful weekend home.  It recharges me and fills my life with adventures, which keeps living interesting.



  1. God's Country!!

    Love your table!

  2. What a nice way to honour a friend. It looks like it was a beautiful day for a ride.Your horse is beautiful.

  3. This is an enchanting setting! The horse and the table and the woods -- just magical. Thanks for visiting my blog.


  4. What a great day and fabulous table! It reminds so much of my grandparent's cabin. Thanks for sharing with us today!

  5. You seem to lead a very full and interesting life. I am going to follow to keep up. The Court reporting sounds interesting too. I did Law at uni and worked in the profession for several years before I had kids.

    Have a great weekend
    Best Carolyn

  6. A nice and cheery tablescape. I loved your centerpiece idea, too! Gotta love Mother Nature.

  7. There is nothing better than dinner on the porch! What a cheery table~ love the flower dishes!

  8. I love those dinner plates, are they Laurie Gates, by any chance? Great centerpiece.
    Dolly is gorgeous.